Skunk Harbor Mandalas

Electric Forest 2015


The String Cheese Incident – New Years – 2014

The Lynx

The Magpies

Owsley Was Here

The Ginger Garden

Floral Portal

Forest Lakes

Skunk Harbor


The Mountain Lion

The Black Swan

Playin’ Hookey

Magpie Mandala

High Sierra

The Magpies

Best Buds

Green Scheme

Sugar Magnolia

Rocky Mountain Goats

The Lynx

The Buffalo

Moose on the Loose

The Boulder Rez

The Woodpeckers

The Frog Pond

Over the Falls

The Peacocks

Marshall Mesa

Magnolia Moonrise

The Elephants


The Lone Cypress

The Octopus’s Garden

The Music Box

Northern Exposure

Lord Gush

The Giraffe Project

The Zebra

The Joker

The Birdhouse

The Camel Project

Lone Pine

The Lighthouse

Parrots in a Palm Tree

Pickled Cabbage

Between Seasons

Okanagan Apples

Colorado Sand Dunes

Island in the Sky

Stanley Park


The Burl Bar


Longmont Skyline

The Country Life

The City Life

Super Trip

The Jolly Roger

Electric Forest 2014

Electric Forest 2013

Wakarusa 2012

STS9 – House of Blues, LA

The String Cheese Incident Winter Carnival 2011

All Good Music Festival

High Sierra Music Festival

EOTO – Fox Theatre – Boulder, CO

STS9 – CO Winter Run

Skunk Harbor

Owl Eyes


The Giraffe Project

The Forest King